Automate your securityCode Review

Automateyour security
Code Review

Your AI-powered code security companion, guarding against emerging AI-generated threats in your development pipeline.

Simplify Security
by Automating Code Reviews

Streamline your development process and enhance code quality effortlessly with VIDOC. Say goodbye to manual checks.

AI Issue Validation

VIDOC emulate human security engineer in your development process. It validates all security issues based on your code and project context. No more false positives and noise. Only real security issues.

Automated Code Fixes

VIDOC will find security issue and provide you with a fix. It can generate pull request with a fixed code, you will only need to review it and merge.

Integrations and Languages

VIDOC supports all major languages and technologies. You do not have to worry about your tech stack, we got it.

Integration with dev tools CI/CD

VIDOC is right in dev pipeline, it detects security issues, validates them and block pipeline only if the issue is valid.

Optimize Penetration Testing for unmatched security

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