FirstAI Security Engineerin your dev pipeline

AI Security Engineer
in your dev pipeline

VIDOC matches speed of AI with precision of human security engineers. Detects, validates, and fixes security issues.

Built by the team that has helped secure

Automate your security Code Review

VIDOC is like a human security engineer in your dev pipeline. Scans and reviews all your code to keep up with the emerging threat of AI-generated code.

VIDOC secures human and AI code

Code on Github is now AI generated
by CEO of Stability AI
Of developers used AI code generation
CEO of GitHub
Faster feature delivery
by developers with AI
CEO of GitHub
Monitor your external security

VIDOC monitors your organization from hacker's perspective. Catches misconfigurations in deployed web apps and infrastructure.

Optimize Penetration Testing for unmatched security

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How does it work?

VIDOC manages all security aspects for you

Onboard in 2-minutes

Just include two extra lines of code in your GitHub Actions Workflow, and VIDOC takes care of the rest for you.

Continuous security review

VIDOC detects and confirms vulnerabilities by simulating the processes of a human security engineer. No noise, only actual risk.

Fix with a click

VIDOC generates a tailored code solution designed to effectively fix the issue at hand.

VIDOC solves all security for yousecurity automation

Try for free. No credit card required.

Fixsecurity with VIDOC