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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend Vidoc for Attack Surface Management?

Vidoc offers a comprehensive Attack Surface Management solution powered by AI and a broad library of 2000+ modules. We continuously discover new hosts, open ports, DNS records, and web servers, calculate security risk scores, and enable team-wide collaboration. Our platform is also easy to set up – all you need to provide is your domain name

How does Vidoc compare with other EASM solutions in the market?

Vidoc is one of the few platforms that combines AI technology with a vast library of modules to provide comprehensive attack surface management. In addition, our platform offers easy setup and usability, along with exciting features like AI-powered search and visual module builder for customized module creation

How quickly can I get started with Vidoc?

Starting with Vidoc is as easy as creating an account and providing your domain name. The setup process is straightforward, with no verification required. You can start discovering vulnerabilities in your system as soon as your account is set up

Does Vidoc offer a free trial?

Vidoc offers a free trial period during which you can explore our platform's features and capabilities. We firmly believe in letting our potential customers experience the value we can provide before they invest in our solution

How does Vidoc cater to different teams' needs?

Whether you're a part of an AppSec team, Red team, or DevSecOps team, Vidoc's adaptable platform caters to your unique requirements. From discovering vulnerabilities and assessing threats to fostering collaboration among team members, Vidoc is designed to support all types of teams and their specific needs

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