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Address emerging threat of AI-generated code.

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Scanning Automation

Customize modules for vulnerability detection across your infrastructure. With Vidoc, you don't have to wait for vendor-based CVEs - build your security tests yourself

Recon automation

Continuously monitor your digital presence with Vidoc's 24/7 reconnaissance, capturing updated DNS records, open ports, web servers, TLS certs, and performing technology fingerprinting

Change Detection

Vidoc promptly alerts you about infrastructure modifications. Never miss any critical changes in your digital environment

Advanced Search

Unleash the power of intelligent search. Our platform indexes all data, allowing you to conduct searches using natural language or our advanced query builder

Built in Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly on Vidoc’s platform. Develop and iterate on security test cases as a unified team, enhancing synergy and effectiveness of your defense strategy

Compliance-Ready Reporting

Simplify audits with Vidoc's detailed, standards-compliant security reports, facilitating seamless review processes and demonstrating your firm commitment to secure practices

Module library

Custom security checks made easy

Automate common security checks

Make Vidoc work for you. Define and create custom modules to perform security checks for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and more, effortlessly enhancing your defense

Library of security checks

Tap into our rich module library, packed with over 2000 modules. Ramp up your security strategy with a wide range of predefined checks, designed to detect various vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

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All security teams in one place

AppSec, DevSecOps, and Red team can share custom security checks and build a Library of Modules to strengthen company security posture

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VIDOC solves all security for yousecurity automation

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For security teams

Crafted for collaboration and individual brilliance

AppSec team

Empower your AppSec team with our extendable platform that seamlessly integrates vulnerability discovery, and strategic remediation. Create custom modules and detect issues across all infrastructure

Red team

Supercharge your proactive threat hunting with Vidoc. Simulate potential threat scenarios and develop robust strategies to counter them

DevSecOps team

Harmonize your development, security, and operations with Vidoc. Our platform promotes a proactive culture, identifying, and addressing security concerns end-to-end during your development process

Fixsecurity with VIDOC